morgan5Welcome to Morgan Brown Designs.

I specialize in revitalizing select homes, turning them into beautiful, warm, functional family residences that can be enjoyed by generations to come.

I follow my inner voice, inspired by my background in fashion and modeling, to set the mood for each residence. I ike to create a clean, fresh warm feeling in all my homes. The way I work is equally important. Everything is completed in an honest and financially reasonable manner.”



When Morgan takes on the task to revitalize a home, she takes a very aggressive approach. Every crevice is open to design. She puts herself in the owner’s shoes, puts herself in the house, to best understand the launching point for her interior design.

To Morgan, a home should be a comfortable, warm nest. “Renovation is an art, but a house should always have certain features. It has to have a lot of light and the kitchen should be the epicenter of family living.”



Although Morgan’s methodology is intuitive and organic, her ideas are grounded in very practical and time-tested rules of real estate. The homes Morgan revitalizes are all in great locations, close to top-notch schools and neighborhoods that inspire both social and cultural interaction.

The result of Morgan’s attention to following solid real estate rules is a smart investment in a home, ready to take on the demands and function of 21st century family living.