How did you get into interior design work?

Morgan: My dad was a famous developer, Harry Joe “Coco” Brown. As as child I went on car rides with my dad, talking real estate all the time. I first worked with my father on his famous “Houses at Sagaponic” development in the Hamptons. I acted as liaison between my dad and various world famous architects. I got to see both sides; my dad as a very practical developer, trying to turn the architect’s dreams into reality. Later on I developed my approach to design while involved in the fashion world as a model. You learn how design changes the mood, how the two go together. It really served me well as catalyst for a career in interior design.

Why are you into ‘revitalizing” homes and not building new ones?

Morgan: I’m not one to work with modern houses. I have to find the warmth to a house, I tend to steer away from cold modernism. I want functionality. Being a mom I put myself into the house, there has to be a lot of light. I like to create a warm, fresh feeling. After all, it’s your nest.


What did your dad teach you in regards to putting together a renovation team?

Morgan: He taught me to hire honest people. I take pride in my team. Whether it’s my draftsmen, broker or contractor. How I go about my business is very important too. I’m honest and work in a financially reasonable way.


What are your criteria for homes that you’re interested in renovating?

Morgan: Warmth. Lots of charm. No foundation problems or geologic challenges. Then, just follow some solid rules of real estate. Great neighborhoods close to excellent schools.


What home have you seen that you wish you could renovate?

Morgan: No one home in particular. As I drive down the streets of Los Angeles, I’m constantly renovating (in my mind) the homes as I pass.


What interior designer inspires you?

Morgan: I follow my own internal voice. I put myself in the owner’s shoes, then figure out what will work best for the family that will spend years living there.